Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Roll Call: Darlene

Hi, I'm Darlene, and I'm a chocoholic.

Whoops wrong blog....

About me, hmmmm. I try to write young people's fantasy fiction, with intermittent success. I will probably spend most of my blogging time quoting other people, because for a writer, I really don't like reading my words. Other people say things so much better than I do anyway.

Roll Call: Kalayna

We're kicking off our launch here at the Tri Mu blog, so it seems the best way to start is with introductions. I guess that means I'm going first.

I'm Kalayna, and I'm both a writer and a painter with a strong leaning toward fantasy in both. My genre of choice is Urban fantasy, though on a dare from Tori, I'm currently working on a Paranormal Romance targeting the new Nocturne line. I have two complete manuscripts, and a third that will be headed into revisions in a month when the Tri Mu begin our "Don't Sweat the Revisions" in June. The goal is to have it polished and shop-able by fall. I'll be going to my first conference shortly after that, so a lot is coming up shortly--which hopefully will give me a lot to talk about here.

Check back for it.
Happy Hump Day everyone!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quote from Jane Eyre

" My fine visions are all very well, but I must not forget they are absolutely unreal. l have a rosy sky, and a green flowery Eden in my brain; but without, I am perfectly aware, lies at my feet a rough tract to travel, and around me gather black tempests to encounter."