Thursday, July 17, 2008

On being haunted

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Post! I'm your host, Vert, and I'll be talking about... Umm yeah. Enough of that nonsense. Today my subject is one I'd rather avoid. So I'm airing it here, hoping I'm not alone. :)

I have a story that has been stalking me. I think about it often, and even when I don't think about it, it will surprise me from time to time by suddenly taking over my entire attention.

The characters don't speak to me much at all. They just wait, and stare; eerily and patiently.

It's not that I don't want to write the story. I do! It's an interesting plot, and I bet it could even sell.

However the time isn't right to write it. Finally I recognize this. As much as I want to push it and force through the writing of that all important first draft, this story's time hasn't come yet. As much as it bothers me and itches the creases in my brain, I am not ready to write this story; this story is not ready to be written.

But it tantalizes me. It teases me. It coyly lifts its skirts, showing me its sexy, delicate, bare ankles.


PoisedGargoyle said...

How do you know when the time is right to write the story? Certain plot pieces fall into place? The world is a more accepting place? How do you decide the time is NOT right?

haricot vert said...

for me, i poke at the idea from time to time, similar to poking the stew in the pot. and if it moves, i poke some more. if it doesn't move, i put the cover back on and let it simmer some more.

does that make sense?

Kalayna-Nicole Price said...

>>>"poking it and seeing if it moves"

...that's a good analogy for me too. Sometimes I'm really excited about an idea, but it's just not ready for the page. Though, giving it a good work out (aka a couple hardcore plotting sessions) can sometimes help it 'ripen'.

haricot vert said...

yes, plotting sessions are good things. *nods*