Sunday, August 3, 2008

TotW: The Aha Moment -- Tori

Like Kalayna, I don't remember what book made me go "Aha, I can do that." I wrote my first official story at seven although I'd been creating stories long before that. I had a long running saga that resembled a soap opera with my Barbies. I say soap opera because I only had two Ken dolls and like 20 Barbies. Let's just say Ken got around and leave it at that.

If I had to say, I would say the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I remember my elementary school librarian reading an excerpt from Little House in the Big Woods. I was fascinated by the vivid description. I started reading her books almost instantly. Then, I started reading about her and how she started writing. I was instantly fascinated because here was this ordinary person that just decided to start writing.

My tastes have changed of course since I was seven or eight years old, but I still love to read. I still love to write and create.

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