Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

I haven't blogged in a bit here. I can blame it on the rain, or the lethargy after finishing NanoWriMo, but mostly it's because I haven't had anything to say regarding the craft. However, today, I do, and I present to you:

Social networking and the Writer.

I like going to the zoo. Who doesn't? The zoo has many critters behind fences, nets, and glass, and sometimes I come away from a zoo visit wondering really, who is being protected from whom. It's an interesting anthropological exercise also, going to the zoo. I watch the critters, and I watch the people who watch the critters, and I'm pretty sure that someone watches me but I can't catch them out of the corner of my eye when I spin around.

In a way, writing is like going to the zoo. I watch and then write from my experiences. But not my experiences really, more like the experiences that I imagine that the meerkats imagine that I have.

It's the holiday season now. There are office parties to go to. What that means is dressing up to go to the zoo. Only now the viewers and the viewees are separated by cocktail dresses and punchbowls. We eat, drink, and then try to leave before the dividing line gets too blurred and we end up howling with the rest.

And then, once the alcohol- and food-induced haze has faded, and I can once again remember my name and address, I will sit down and I will write.

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