Friday, June 12, 2009

Meta Musings_2

I'm playing around with structure for the next few posts, not rambling completely, defining the parts of the ride as I plot through.


Ladies and gents, meet Gale. She's shorter than average, of average build, and has nondescript, faded brown eyes, one of which is slightly higher than the other. Her remarkable feature is her shoulder length, white blond hair. It stops people in their tracks the first time they meet her because everyone else in the villages around has brown hair.

Gale's mother works in the dying business, and so does Gale. Both their hands are perpetually odd colors from dealing with the dyes and the drying product.Gale enjoys dying and also enjoys drawing.

Here is the basis for Gale's inciting incident: She begins to hear voices after her family moves to the neighboring country because the war is getting too close for comfort.

The inciting incident: Gale can no longer function normally because the voices are so loud and insistent that they block out her other hearing and some of her sight. Her parents move her to/keep her in the dying house (and she works the physical processes while her mother does the dye powder making), as the repetitive and familiar process calms her more than anything else.

Now: how do we get her out of the village and headed towards the castle and her destiny?...

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Kalayna Price said...

Her inciting incident begins with her hearing if you want her to head to the castle and her destiny, we need to know the motivation for her to do so.

Are the voices urging her to the castle? Is there a healer/wizard/what-have-you who resides in the castle who could cure the voices? Does she realize the voices are really the enemy warlords who have no idea she's accidentally eavesdropping on their battle plans, and she learns they are planning to assassinate the king, but no one will believe her so she sets out on her own to warn him?

Motivation--that's what Gale needs. We know the voices have a hand in it, now to figure out the 'hows' we need to know the 'whats' and the 'whys'. ^_^