Monday, July 6, 2009

Aside: FullTime DayTime Jobber, HalfTime NightTime Writer Part Deux

Shhhh...I know I'm sneaking a post in, and late, but don't tell!

The Plan hours for the first week and a half were a blessing. I made progress on a chapter that I hadn't been able to move for over a month. I penned scenes for a new short story on my "off Plan hours" and got in exercise every day (because, as you may or may not know - exercise is AWESOME for creativity). I posted my blogs on time and let myself get wrapped up in my galaxies.

Last week, however, was a little rougher. It started out well, but I came down with a cold which led to the inevitable "sick day". And since I had a dr. test run on Thursday to make sure I wasn't dying of the dreaded "John Hurt" moment, that meant I felt even worse for the rest of the week. I edited Friday because of my wonderfully supportive TriMu (helping me out of my "after anesthesia funk"), but I could barely convince myself to move on Saturday except to do major research on what I now can and cannot eat.

Yesterday was better. Whether that came from feeling better from eating food that didn't kill me or the calm, cool acceptance of the fact that I'll never be able to look at a strawberry/peanut butter M&M or ice cream or yogurt or pizza ever again - I don't know. And really, all that mattered was that I felt good enough to get out and socialize again - and write. Edits happened slowly, but it made me feel like the whole week wasn't a waste.

So now I'm back to the Plan - with a new diet and a new determination for progress. I doubt I'll make up my lost ground, so there's no way I'll make my September deadline - but this isn't about guilt for lost writing time or sadness over missed self-imposed goals. This is about shaking off the perfection and making progress.

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