Monday, December 14, 2009

A New Game Plan to Avoid Moral Victories

Now some of you may know that I'm a football fan. A huge watch-whatever-game-is-on football fan. I've watched a lot of not-so-good football teams play tough against really good teams. The fans and the commentators always say "Well, they played tough. The [INSERT LOSING TEAM HERE] can grow and learn from this. That was a real moral victory."

Bah, I say. A loss is a loss is a loss is a loss. And losing is no fun. It is hateful. It makes you want to cry and pout. Although I do not recommend doing it on national TV. The commentators will make fun of you. See this poor guy as an example.

How does this relate to writing? Funny you should ask. I've had too many moral victories as a writer. I've got to stop saying "At least, I wrote today. That's something." Or "I've got two first drafts. That is more than I had before." This is not the kind of thinking that a successful writer has. I've been writing "seriously" for three years, but I've not sent out a single query letter. I have had the "Wait until next year mentality" for far too long.

No longer will this be the case. I'm changing my game plan.

I'm giving myself deadlines and am making myself publicly accountable for those deadlines.. I'm stating here that this is what I have to do this year. Look for regular scoring updates throughout the coming year.

Game Plan for This week: Write 6,000 new words.

Game Plan for the Rest of the Season:

  1. Finish a 90,000 word first draft of TDC by the end of January
  2. Plot MLTM – World War II short during the first week in February
  3. Write a 10,000 -15,000 word first draft of MLTM by the end of February
  4. Read and EDITS the first draft of TDC by the end of February. Make Notes
  5. Plot GL in April..
  6. Complete the first pass of Revisions on TDC by the end of May
  7. Submit TDC into the Maggies and other contests as time permits.
  8. Read and EDITS the first draft of MLTM during the first week of June. Make notes.
  9. Complete first pass of revisions on MLTM by end of June
  10. Complete second pass of revisions on MLTM by the middle of July
  11. Query MLTM by the beginning of August.
  12. Complete a first draft of GL by mid October.
  13. Complete second pass of revision for TDC by the end of September.
  14. Cry and send my second born novel into the big bad world. Query TDC during the month of October.
  15. Plot as yet unidentified novel during October.
  16. November 1st – NANO BEGINS!!!!!

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haricot vert said...

Wow. That's pretty amazing that you've planned out the entire year.