Friday, April 23, 2010

Bonus Post: A Writing Prompt

On occasion, there comes a Monday or Friday when no TriMu is scheduled to blog. The calendar is just tricksy that way. But never fear, dear readers; we will not leave you with nothing to read today! We've decided to do a collaborative post, a brief response from each of us to a writing prompt. We hope you enjoy.

Today's Writing Prompt: Today we are all about bad poetry, specifically, bad haiku.  Why?  Why not?
The sub-heading is favorite fictional characters, published or not.  Remember, 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 again. (Psst! Here are some resources, to get you started.)

Sarah Templeton's Response: I've decided to go the "one of my favorite fictional villains" route:

Cruella de Vil
Spotted, feathered, striped and scaled
Outlandish couture

Haricot Vert's Response: Near and dear to my heart, this character isn't published.  Yet.

the cherry blossoms
shiver, his nap is disturbed
by that same spring breeze

Anyone else in the mood for some creative stretching exercise today? Post your own responses to this writing prompt in the comments!

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