Thursday, April 1, 2010

First and Goals: April 2010

At the beginning of each month, we Modern Myth Makers will be posting our writerly goals for the coming month, in an effort to motivate ourselves through the threat of shaming in a public forum by giving each other, and all of you, the opportunity to encourage our progress.

NL Berger's Goals: I've been giving it a lot of thought, and I've decided that, now that I'm having a baby, I don't need to do the whole writing thing anymore. It was just filler, fluff to make me feel worthwhile during the years when I wasn't living up to my potential as a baby factory. Because, really, you just can't be a wife and a mother and a novelist all at the same time. No one really does that (not well anyway). So, while it's been fun these past few years, I'm giving up the writing game. No goals for me this month.

Darlene C. Goodman's Goals: I'm starting a new project this month. It's a lit fic novel about a rock on a beach and all the people who pass by it on their way to the water. The beetle scene makes me cry just thinking about it.

Kalayna Price's Goals: I have recently come up with an idea for a super sexy book called THE SECRET LIFE OF PIGEONS. This month will be devoted to research to really get in the head of my characters. To do this, I will be selling all of my belongings and moving into the park so that I can be with the pigeons at all times. I will try to live just like a pigeon, from sleeping, to eating, to refusing to fly away from passing cars but instead waddle slowly with my head bobbing while the car blares its horn. It will be great. I think this will be the big one for me. But, as pigeons don't have internet--or a written language--I will have to leave this blog. As such, this will be my last post. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed blogging with you! Come visit me at the park some time.

Tori Pryer's Goals: I've been keeping secrets from you guys and I think it is time to come clean. I've secretly been finished with not one but two books and I've been querying them and through that process I've met a man...and well, I plan to go to Vegas this month so I will be a bit too busy to write

Sarah Templeton's Goals: This month, I intend to write four books, learn a new language, design my official website, and handsew fifteen steampunk outfits which I will wear over the course of three days next month. I will invent 101 new ways to enjoy the blissful taste of Thin Mints (Although some will be theoretical. I'll run out of cookies long before 101) and I am going to finally canoe fearlessly down a river--even though I can't swim.

Haricot Vert's Goals: My goals are small this time around. I will revise 2006's NaNoWriMo manuscript, edit it, polish it, and then query it to at least 7 agents.

What about you guys? What are your writing goals for this month?


NL Berger said...

Ooh, you all have such great goals this month! I can't wait to see what happens with all your writing. It's nice to know that, though I won't be writing anymore, I can still live vicariously through you all.

Darlene - Does it have to be a beetle? I have bug issues. Otherwise, I think it sounds fascinating.

Kalayna - I was a little worried when I saw Darlene was abandoning bird fiction, but it's good to know the TriMu will still be representing the fictional needs of the avian population!

Tori - You and I really are the same person, both of us giving up the writing game at the same time! It's just as well you're not setting goals this month. You can't write and be a good wife at the same time.

Sarah - What language are you thinking about learning? I'd recommend picking a romance language if I were you. Because they're so similar, you know. You learn one and it's like you've got them all down! Plus, you write romance, so that just seems appropriate.

Vert - It's good to hear you're planning to keep the goals small this month. You don't want to overextend yourself and burn out.

purpleprose 78 said...

Well you know that the goal of any woman is to be a good wife and mother. Did I mention that I'm also quitting my job? Expect to see a perfect house next time that you come to visit. Feel free to white glove my baseboards.

Demon Hunter said...

Goals? I don't need anymore right now. I've got an agent and a million dollar contract, so who needs more than that, right? Riiiight! :-D

Sarah Templeton said...

Wow, DH! Grats on the big bucks! Book release party in Disneyland Paris, right?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Sara. :-D Michael Jackson and Elvis will be performing.

~Tyhitia (Demon Hunter)