Thursday, May 1, 2008

Roll Call: Tori

Hi I’m Tori and I’m channeling one of my many personalities to write this intro. I’m ADD when it comes to writing.

I’ve written one book set in Charleston during World War II. I’m writing a Nocturne Bite set in Charleston. I’m plotting the first book in a series targeted at Nocturne where my heroine is from….you guessed it Charleston. Charleston, SC is the perfect setting in my opinion. 400 years of history collides with modernity with a fascinating result in my opinion. Charleston has ghosts, pirates, superstition, hurricanes, history, and modern people living on that fabulous peninsula. I can’t resist using it as a setting.

I’ve written other poetry and short stories not set in Charleston, but only if I’ve got another compelling setting stuck in my head and to me, very few settings are more compelling.

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WriterType said...

Victoria, I'd love to read some of your work with the Charleston setting. Your passion for that old, charred, beautiful city is palpable.