Thursday, May 1, 2008

Roll Call: Vert

...verts comme des haricots...

And now that I've given a non sequitor to start things off, I don't feel the pressure quite so much. You know, to write some sort of intelligent introduction and all.

I'm Vert. Been writing on and off since I was in grade school. For a few years I shelved the writing and tried just living in the reality that surrounded me. But that didn't go so well, so I am returned to the safe, warm, comforting arms of pen and paper.

My preferred genre lies somewhere around science fiction, subgenre being speculative computer technology. And therein lies an irony, because I am not all that fond of technology, computer or otherwise.

Thus far, I have 2 completed manuscripts languishing for want of revisions, and myriads of story seeds waiting to germinate.

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