Thursday, May 1, 2008

What is this PtP thing

To celebrate the blog's launch, we've decided to do a Pass the Plot (PtP) challenge. I believe Tori will be posting the first section tonight, but before she does, I thought I should explain what exactly a PtP challenge is. (Not that we came up with it, but some people might be unfamiliar.)

Basically what PtP boils down to is a collaborative story. One person starts it, and then someone else picks up where she left off, and then another--so on and so forth until we hit the end. Pretty easy, except we don't plan the story out with each other, and once we hit send, the characters are at the mercy of whoever picks up the next section. It can lead to really unexpected twists.

The rules:
-No plotting or discussing the challenge with each other
-Sections are 400-600 words long
-Sections should answer some questions but leave others dangling for the next person.
-Twists are great, but new sections should still make sense with what came before.

That's about it. Tori might add some special rules (we had some on our last challenge) but those are the basics we work with. We've done two PtP challenges privately on our discussion loop in the past, but this will be our first public one. I'm personally looking forward to seeing what Tori (and everyone else) comes up with. I hope you are to, so check back soon! ^_^

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