Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Fiction Friday: Twice Dead, by Kalayna Price

Due to a little mix up, this post didn't actually go live on Friday, so it's sort of Free Fiction Monday now, but that doesn't sound as good so I'm declaring it Friday in my world. (I have a very casual relationship with time under the best of circumstances.)

Kita is adjusting to her new liquid diet -- an adjustment she rather resents. Not that everything was chocolate and sunshine before (though both were possible before the sexy but infuriating Nathanial sank his fangs in her business). Kita's ability to shape shift into a kitten when her peers shifted into lions and tigers complicated her life, to say the least, but getting stuck in one form -- that of a human shaped tick, a.k.a. a vampire -- sucks, literally. Her adjustment period is violently interrupted when she discovers a headless corpse during a party for a visiting vampire council. But, the headless dancer won't be the only corpse she encounters.

Kita's involvement draws the attention of the Collector, an ancient vampire with an inclination to acquire two things: power and oddities. As a pureblood shifter turned vampire, Kita ranks high on the collectability list -- not a safe place for anyone who values her freedom, and Kita is not the only one on the list. But with the body count rising, there is more at stake than freedom. A killer is slithering through the underbelly of Haven's vampire community, and with the supernaturals dealing in unnamed favors, it's a bad time to be a kitten who can't slip her skin.

The TriMu and I discussed it and we decided that maybe we're not the best candidates to present a review of this book. We all think Kalayna's a genius and love her work unconditionally, which kind of makes objectivity a challenge. I mean, I could sit here and gush in geeky squealing fangirl fashion extol Twice Dead's virtues as a supportive critique partner, but then I would feel a little silly.

Outside the TriMu, some folks over at Fictionwise, where it' hanging out near the top of the Dark Fantasy charts, seem to like it too. People on goodreads have been enjoying it. It's getting good reviews on Amazon as well. Oh, and Mandi over at Smexy Books gave it a 4/5 this weekend while this post was busy not showing up on the internet.

So it's not just us. We love it, others feel the same, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as well.

To win this book, leave a comment on this post including the following information:

1) Your name
2) How you found us
3) A question for us to answer in our next Mailbag Monday post

Comments will be closed at midnight (Eastern) on Sunday, February 28, 2010 and the winner will be announced on Monday, March 1, 2010 Comments will be closed at midnight (Eastern) on Thursday, March 4, 2010 and the winner will be announced by Kalayna on Friday, March 5, 2010.

This is just my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of other members of the TriMu. Also, I didn't get this book for free. I bought it with my own money from the bookstore, and it's not an ARC or acquisition reviewed for compensation.


Heather (DarklyReading) said...

I would love to win this book-loved the first one and Twice Dead has been getting some really great reviews!

1) Your name -Heather (@DarklyReading)
2) How you found us (through Twitter -I follow a few of you)
3) A question for us to answer in our next Mailbag Monday post - hmm..since I'm a book blogger I guess I'll ask do you think book blog tours help promote and sell your book? Do you like to get specific questions for a blog interview or do you like to write about a topic that interests you not directly related to your book?

Stella said...

mm.. all the praise I saw on the net about this book 'wet my appetite' to read it :-). I haven't read anything by Kalayna Price yet, but now I will definitely check out her books!

1) My name: Stella (@Stella_ExLibris)
2) How I found you: Through the Win Wednesday feature at All Things Urban Fantasy, your contest was listed :-)
3) A question for you to answer in your next Mailbag Monday post: How do you write? I mean do you write your novels in chronological orders, starting with the beginning and writing the first introductory chapters and go along, or do you write in not such a strict order, and maybe go back to write the beginning after you are done with the 'middle'? Sorry if it doesn't make that much sense..

stella.exlibris (at) gmail DOT com

donnas said...

1) Your name - Donna S
2) How you found us - All Things Urban Fantasy Wednesday Post
3) A question for us to answer in our next Mailbag Monday post - What is your favorite part of writing? And do you like to read books in the same genre you write in or different ones?


bacchus76 at myself dot com

Bethie said...

Thanks for the giveaway.
1. Name - Bethie
2. I found you on Win Wednesday on All Things Urban Fantasy.
3. Question - Is there a specific time of the day that you are more productive?

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

KMichelleC87 said...

This book looks really good.

Name: kmichellec87 (or Keyla if you need the real thing)

Found you: link on All Things Urban Fantasy

Question: Where do you hear about all of these books? I get emails of new books and I go to the library often and look at other book websites but a lot of the books and authors that I have been seeing on all of the blogs I follow I have never even heard of and they look really good and I'm afraid I'm missing out on good reads. Sorry that was really long winded. So... Where do you hear about these books?


throuthehaze said...

This sounds interesting :)

1. Raelena
2. All Things Urban Fantasy
3. What are some things you do to get inspired to write?

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Diana Dang said...

1) Diana Dang
2) All Things Urban Fantasy
3) A question for us to answer in our next Mailbag Monday post

What books you do avoid reading?

faked_sugartone at hotmail

Anne J said...

1. Anne Jolly
2. I found you through All Things Urban Fantasy's link up
3. What is a book that most people loved, but you just hated?

ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

1)Kailia Sage
3)Well, I'm sure you've all got a lot of story ideas roaming in your heard, so my question is: how do you decide what you want to write about and how to you stick to it? Say you get an idea with a witch but another one with a dragon, so how do you choose which topic to write about? (my examples are so bad, sorry, couldn't think of anything!)

Heather Y said...

Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! :)

1) heather y
2) all things urban fantasy
3) Hmmm... Do you ever dream about your characters after you've written their story?

Thanks again! :)

heather y

Carmen R said...

I can't wait to read Twice Dead.

1)Name : Carmen R
2)How you found: From a post on Facebook by Kalayna
3)A question for us to answer in our next Mailbag Monday: Other than reading or writing what are some of the the things you enjoy doing.

heatwave16 said...

1 - Heather (heatwave96(at)

2 - How I found you: All Things Urban Fantasy

2 - Question - Do you enjoy doing the book promotions or is it just a nessicary evil within the publishing world?

Anonymous said...

I would love a copy.

1) Cher (
2) Kalayna's blog
3) UH. What type of writing schedule do you have?