Monday, March 8, 2010

Motivations and Results

plop! cold and wet snow
down the back of my jacket
i hear trees giggling


Sarah threw down the gauntlet the other day by offering up a 12 day writing challenge. Surprisingly, I made it through. /ponders this miracle. I even carved out a daily window seat in time, in which to work on this challenge.

It is a weird experience to be successful at something like this. There were a couple nights were I had no idea what to write, but I wrote anyway. I tried to wrap up each night so that its effort could stand alone, even if I continued the idea the next night. I played with characters I had met before, and introduced myself to others that I had only seen through the mists of being half-asleep.

Maybe that is what motivated me enough to continue the challenge each day, the idea of playing.

What motivates you to continue, whether writing, revising, querying, etc.?


purpleprose 78 said...

Good for you!

Sarah Templeton said...

You rock, Vert! So glad you conquered those days with me! This might sound silly, but on the days I was holed up in bed with the flu I was motivated by my characters--if I couldn't get out of bed and do something, by golly, SOMEONE was! Mind you, some of the scenes I wrote while on cough medicine were...special...but they were words, and those characters were out there, doing things. The rest of the time I was working extra hard at the day job, and writing made the perfect stress reliever!

haricot vert said...

Sarah, as long as you got the words out and the characters moving, that's the important part. Who cares if they were flying w/out the aid of wings, or talking to trees, you can always edit that later. :)
Srsly though, thanks again for the challenge. :D

Demon Hunter said...

I usually just get the words out and sometimes change them all later, but at least I wrote something, which is important. :-D

If you love to write, you just cannot help yourself.

Oh, and enjoying the pass the plot. :-D

Sarah Templeton said...

Thanks, DH! I get to play with the pass the plot next week and I've got even more of a doozy in store...muhahaha...:D I think this group has far too much fun killing off characters.

Right now I'm in the middle of changing all of my words again: Revisions. It's a necessary evil, and it's shaping and morphing my story into something far different than I originally scribbled out.