Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Pathetic Blog Entry

How is writing like falling downstairs?

Last week, I met with the TriMu for pizza and Woodchuck at a local eatery. It had been raining, and I was mentally composing an email when I started down the short flight of concrete stairs at the back of the resautant. In the immortal words of the old-school Batman TV series:


I hit the stairs, bouncing my tailbone down each one. My laptop, in its backpack, flew out to the side as I tried to slow my fall with my arms (thankfully, I had slung the backpack over one shoulder instead of wearing it properly, or else it would have crunched under me and this would have been a different kind of blog entry). My first thought was, my back is broken. My second, my laptop is broken. Neither turned out to be true, but I am somewhat angry with myself for worrying about the spasms of pain in my backside and spinal column more than the computer. Sigh. My priorities need some reevaluation, I guess.

Anyway, the pain and swelling on my tailbone seemed to disappear in a day or two and I had a fine weekend with no problems at all, even with a long ride in a car and a 6 hour movie marathon. No worries.

Then Monday night hit and I hurt again. It was as bad as it had been when I hit it first. Icing my bum all evening did little to dull the pain. I don't know what happened that day, but it was like my brain finally cought up to the fact that I bruised my tailbone, four days later.

So, what does all this have to do with writing? Nothing at all, I just didn't have anything to blog about. ;)

Not, gonna cut it, eh? Alright. Hold on, let me figure something out.

How about this? Some ideas come like falling downstairs. They hit you when you're thinking of something else, slapping you flat on your back and leaving a mark that sometimes flares up at odd times. Good enough? Or do you have a better answer? ;)


haricot vert said...

I totally agree with the description of an idea.

And I'll add that sometimes they are parasites digging into the skin on your head and making scritching noises that distract mightily. (That last part wasn't made up, apparently it happened to someone; botfly infestation though, not idea infestation.)

Demon Hunter said...

Good God, Darlene. Are you okay? And I promise that first sentence was not a Batman reference. ;-)

Idea description was cool. :-D

Sarah Templeton said...

Ugh. I hate that about deep bruises: A few days after you think it's all better the healing kicks back in with a vengeance. Hopefully it'll all be better soon. We were all glad you weren't broken.

Sometimes I have what I call "brilliant ideas". These are concepts so shiny it hurts to look at them, and they blind you enough to knock you off your feet, and...I suppose...down the stairs. Unfortunately, I've got a short term memory, so they evaporate off the pencil lead before I get them to paper. But sometimes, if the idea is deep enough, it returns with a vengeance. That follow-up round is usually enough to get through my thick skull and onto the screen.