Friday, March 20, 2009

Journeyman Voyage of a Junior Cartographer


The journey has hit a snag. The supply mule that was supposed to arrive, hasn't. So here I am, up near where the mountain pass begins, waiting...

I could keep heading up the pass, hoping that when I get that much further, the mule will catch up to me. But that really is the sort of foolish thinking that got me started on the journey in the first place, putting the dream before the sweat.

So instead of going on, I'm making camp here. I hear the sound of water close by so at least I won't die of dehydration, and I have a guide of poisonous/edible plants so theoretically I won't starve, and the guy down in the last village seemed trustworthy so I'm sure the mule will get here soon.

You might ask why I don't just return to the village and break some heads to find out what happened to the mule. And here's where things break down.

I'm not actually on a mountain. Well, not a topographical-feature-mountain anyway. I'm still working on revising 2006's nano. And the revisions have slewed to a grinding halt. Imagine the sound coming from your car that lets you know that you better find the money to get the brakes replaced before you find the money to buy lunch at Wendy's. That's the grinding I'm talking about.

That is also the lack of a supply mule. I see where I'm headed, over the mountain pass, but without the mule I'll probably end up dying of pneumonia, or something equally as ridiculous.

On the positive side, there is still inspiration flowing (I still enjoy the story), so at least I have water to drink. As for the plant guide, mine has the oddest title: The Snowflake Method. The cover doesn't even have a plant on it (which is suspicious, that is true), but it was the cheapest in the bin and it came recommended, so I am hopeful.


Kalayna Price said...

Best of luck finding that mule! Being the ever optimist, I must add that maybe you don't need it. Maybe there is a banquet going on at the top of the mountain. (Hey, it could happen.) Okay, well, at least maybe some friendly mountain people who will feed you and keep you going to 'the end'.

purpleprose 78 said...

The laffy taffy is mine. Muahahahahaha. Good luck with the revisions. Really, I mean it. ;)

Sarah said...

Yep, still amused by the guy who 'seemed' trustworthy! ^_^ On the other hand, mules are rather stubborn so it could be grazing halfway up with the trustworthy guy tugging on the lead. His arm's got to be getting tired by now.