Friday, March 6, 2009

Roll Call: Nikki

Who Am I?

I always feel a little silly answering a question like that, because I want to be witty or charming or on some level interesting. There’s a lot of pressure in trying to be interesting -- at least there is for me. There’s also the temptation to get all deep and introspective. Who Am I? It’s quite a heavy question, isn’t it? Of course, deep and introspective tends to trend toward the boring, so that’s kind of counterproductive on the interesting front.

Alas, I cannot find myself interesting and I have no desire to be introspective, so I shall settle for mundane and hope that you all forgive me.

I wrote my first novel, a tragically horrible YA romance of which we shall never speak again, at the age of twelve and have been writing off and on ever since. I’m finally at the querying stage of my first real novel, the opening book of an epic fantasy trilogy. I also just started a new project and have two others seriously percolating (and about a million others flittering around somewhere -- probably in a broom closet in the back of my mind). Most of my background lies in romance and mystery, but lately I’ve been gravitating toward fantasy.

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