Friday, March 6, 2009

Roll Call: Sarah

Well, okay, I, Sarah, shall grace the site with an introduction.

I work in science fiction and fantasy, and dabble in a bit of everything else fictional. My everyday "reality" sports a healthy dose of elves, talking animals, dragons guarding stolen treasure, and aliens. And I like to write about them, too.

I'm obsessed with names and world-building - from social and environmental factors all the way to fleshing out of specific characters who may never even show up in a book. It just isn't right for me to set a story on a world I'm not able to play with. The obsession of my youth has led to the crafting of three whole galaxies, the planets and people therein, and countless short tales that are somewhere between short stories and flash fiction. Luckily, the time was not wasted; I'm using one of these model solar systems for my current project, StarStones.

StarStones is a YA science fiction novel (that may or may not actually be young adult by the time I'm through with edits). I'm also seeing how my creative energies do when they're focused on the romance genre, with one paranormal romance on paper so far. With the wealth of knowledge among the Tri Mu, I suspect these projects will blossom and grow into complete works. Works ready for me to stick my thumb out to the publishing world and see if someone will pick me up.

And me!

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haricot vert said...

i _love_ the hitchikers reference. :D