Thursday, March 12, 2009

A New Era Begins

I’m not sure whether I should start this blog with a Star Wars analogy, a Lord of the Rings analogy, or a baseball analogy. I’m going with baseball because that is what I know best. Last fall, we scouted and drafted two new players to the Modern Mythmakers team, NL Berger and Sarah Templeton. Yea! They are fabulous additions to any team and great writers. We expect great things of them!

With the addition of the two new members, we have a new “lineup.”

Batting in the leadoff position is one of our new teammates, NL Berger. NL Berger has written and is querying an epic fantasy novel that does not involve broadswords and wombats. Her first post will go up Monday, March 16th.

Batting second is Kalayna “The Contract” Price. Kalayna has the best batting average of our group. One book completed, edited, and queried. One book published. She’s batting a thousand. Frankly, I am jealous. Kalayna’s next post will go up on Wednesday, March 18th.

Our own Haricot Vert is batting third. Nicknamed The Green Bean, the expert knitter writes speculative fiction with a little bit of epic fantasy thrown in for good measure. Vert’s next post will go up on Friday, March 20th.

I’m batting in the cleanup spot. Tori Pryer is one of my many names. Muahahahaha I write paranormal romance with a historical twist. The serial killer that is existing in my head for my current book scares me a little bit and well, my stories will eventually involve a broadsword and maybe wombat or two. My next post will go up on Monday March 23rd.

Batting fifth is our own Darlene Goodman. An aspiring YA fantasy writer, Darlene enjoys linguistics, quoting Pinky and the Brain, and chasing aliens. (OK, so she doesn’t actually chase aliens, but she’d like to.) Darlene’s next post will go up on Wednesday, March 25th.

Batting last is one of our new teammates, Sarah Templeton. Sarah is in the process of editing her science fiction novel and turning it into something publishable. Sarah is owned by two cats and a lizard. Her lizard is currently plotting its escape so that it can go home with NL. Sarah’s first post will go up on March 27th.

And that my friends is the Modern Mythmakers lineup. Visit every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a new post!

We look forward to chatting with you.

***post edited. The cleanup batter is indeed the fourth batter. Big thanks to NL's sister for making the correction.


NL Berger said...

Okay, that lizard is so not coming home with me.

Sarah said...

Can't wait to get up to the plate!

haricot vert said...

i didn't know you were fond of lizards, nl_berger. lol