Friday, January 1, 2010

First and Goals: January 2010

At the beginning of each month, we Modern Myth Makers will be posting our writerly goals for the coming month, in an effort to motivate ourselves through the threat of shaming in a public forum by giving each other, and all of you, the opportunity to encourage our progress.

NL Berger's Goals: Oh, we're starting a new year and a new way of doing things on this blog and it's all fresh and exciting and . . . I'm already feeling a little behind schedule. I'm playing catch up this month to account for some setbacks during the last few months. This month I plan to make it through 160 pages of intensive revisions of WIP #1 and get at least 48k words of the rough draft of WIP #2 written out.

Darlene C. Goodman's Goals: My goals will seem slackerish compared to the rest of the TriMu, but that is my usual technique for success. Aim low and exceed expectations. ;) Anyway, the thing I need to do in January is create a working timeline for my WIP so that I know where all my characters are in relation to one another. This should include motivation arcs as well. I want to make sure I not only know what a character is doing and when they are doing it, but the all important why.

Kalayna Price's Goals: I'm feeling overly ambitious at the start of this brand new year/new decade--or maybe that is not ambition. Maybe it is terror in a "OMG are those my deadlines?!" kind of way. So, my ambitious/terror stricken goal for this first month of the decade is to write the first draft of my next WIP. Yup, the whole thing. That's only 3k a day . . . no days off or bad days. No problem, right? (Gulp.)

Tori Pryer's Goals: My goal for the month is to finish my manuscript!!!! Also begin plotting a world war II short.

Sarah Templeton's Goals: My goals have become a little skewed in light of recent events but I'm going to try to get back on track here. I have a novella to outline by the end of the month and at least 200 pages of layered revisions to work on for one of my novels. I have to dial back the hours due to the day job hitting the busy season (leaving me exhausted at end of day and occasionally stealing hours anyway) and getting back from the holidays and my brother's wedding leaving a lot of housework for me to accomplish in my (cough) free time, so I'm back to aiming for my minimum of 20 writing hours a week. Wish me luck!

Haricot Vert's Goals: Character profiles and then a complete scene list for a short. This can happen in 31 days, right? Right??

What about you guys? What are your writing goals for this month?


Anonymous said...

i like the goals...

vert...i think that could happen

Kalayna-- can't wait till twice dead comes the first chapter!

haricot vert said...

Thanks Kailia!

I'm also excited about seeing Kalayna's book out and about. It will definitely be a pleasureable ride. :D

Sarah Templeton said...

Go ladies! We can do it!

Okay, now, I'm off to accomplish some goals...

Demon Hunter said...

I want to write a saleable novel and get a few more short story sales. :-D

Good luck everyone. :-D We'll do it!