Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Decade . . . New Blog Schedule?

Hello everyone and welcome to the new and improved Modern Myth Makers blog!

Okay, I know the blog doesn't look any different, and there are no new people . . . but I promise we have big things planned schedule-wise. Today marks the start of a new year and of new plans.

You might have noticed that the blog updates get a little, shall we say, sporadic, from time to time. (Or maybe you didn't notice, in which case, please look away. There was no previous sentence to this paragraph.) There are many reasons for sporadic updates which include (but are not limited to) looming deadlines (the writing comes before the blogging), real life interruptions (it happens) and just a plain lack of topics (do you realize how hard it is to think up something new to talk about every post? And most of us have other blogs we post on as well.) So, to help combat these distracts, or at least to lighten the load a little, and hopefully to also make things even more interesting for you, our readers, we are switching things up a bit.

Here is the plan:
    -The first of every month the Tri Mu will all post our personal writing-related goals. Hopefully the threat of public humiliation will keep us on track, and you the readers are invited to jeer cheer us on.
    -Every Wednesday a Pass the Plot scene will be posted. Some of you might remember PtP from the early days of this blog, but it has been dropped for quite some time now. Look for me to start the first scene of the new story Wednesday 1/6, and if you need a refresher of what PtP is, check it out here.
    -The last Friday of every month will be Free Fiction Friday, in which one Tri Mu a month will review a book and give away a copy to a lucky commenter. Don't miss it.
    -The fourth Monday of every month will be Mailbag Monday in which we answer questions from you, our readers (so make sure you give us those questions!)
    -All other Monday and Friday's will be scheduled blogging days.

So, what do you think? Are you game? To start things off, scroll down to see the first goals post, and check back often because big things are happening here with the Modern Myth Makers!

Happy New Year everyone!

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sounds good....