Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pass the Plot 3: Scene 1

Nara leaned against the thin field separating her from the vast void of space and stared at the thousand points of reflected light beyond. She'd spent her whole life wanting to see the stars, but after months on the Galajax XXI, the stars still seemed as distant as they ever had from her bedroom window.

The band on her wrist lit up, and she ripped her eyes away from the stars.

"Now what does he want?"

There was no telling, but she'd best not ignore his summons. Pushing away from the window, she let her feet carry her down corridors she'd walked hundreds of times over the last few months.

She was in the west quadrant corridor of the Galajax when the ship lurched. She stumbled, falling into the wall.

What was that? The ship had never lurched before. In fact, she'd never even been able to feel the fact the ship was moving. Only the ever changing locations of the stars outside convinced her the ship was really covering any significant distance. She climbed to her feet, but her legs felt strange under her, like the gravity in the corridor was slightly off.

"Well, that's certainly weird." Not that she had time to think about it. The band on her wrist flashed again. "I'm coming, I'm coming. Hold on to your moon-shorts," she said to the band--which thankfully, could not transmit her words.

The gravity in the corridor was definitely off, but she managed to shamble and trip down the hall. She'd just turned the corner when an electronic voice crashed through the ship.

"Attention all passengers: the Galajax XXI is experiencing minor difficulties. For your own comfort, please report to your chambers and activate the cryo settings. All passengers will be revived when all difficulties have passed. All crew report to your stations. Immediately."


Sarah Templeton said...

I must say - I'm super-psyched that we get to play in the stars...

haricot vert said...

I had forgotten what a creativity jump starter PTP could be.
Plus, space opera is just so daggone cool. :)

Demon Hunter said...

Sounds rather interesting. :-D Okay, who's next?

haricot vert said...

I'm next. Muahahahahahahaha!