Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pass The Plot 3: Scene 3

"Holy Kirk!" Nara swallowed hard and stared at the vid screen. Green smoke billowed from a large wheel shaped craft. To think that she'd been bored. "Is that what I think it is?"

The captain gave an almost imperceptible nod. Fear and latent memories rushed through Nara. She took a deep breath and whispered, "You know what this means, Captain."

"Yes." One word. One word to share centuries of fear. One word.

Nara shifted her weight and stood at attention. "Captain, I would like permission to board her." She spoke so that the others on the bridge could hear.

"You have my permission, Ensign." The captain turned to face Lieutenant Elion. "Lieutenant, I would like you to pick a crew and accompany Ensign Nara on this mission."

The other woman narrowed her eyes at Nara and then snapped off a salute to the Captain. "Yes, sir. Permission to leave, sir."

"Granted. And take the Ensign with you."

The other girl turned and left. Nara followed.

"Ellie, I'm sorry." Nara whispered as soon as the doors had closed behind them. "I know that you and Darrew had plans tonight."

Ellie shrugged her shoulders. "With that off the starboard side…"

Nara shivered. "Kirk's Bald Head, this is bad news for the Confederation."


"Ellie! Thank the moons that you're safe!" A deep voice rumbled from behind them. "What is going on? They've ordered us to our cryo chambers."

Nara turned. Darrew. Her breath at the sight of the tall, blonde man advancing upon them. He was Ellie's kryan. Never hers. She forced a friendly smile onto her face.

"Darrew! Why didn't you follow Captain Denett's orders?" Ellie crossed her arms over her chest. "All colonists must be in their cryo chambers until the danger has passed."

"Then, there is danger. Liam said that there must be." Darrew stepped closer to Ellie. "Are you ok? As soon as the ship lurched I came to look for you." He reached out and put a hand on her shoulder and Ellie visibly relaxed.

Nara looked down, letting her gaze linger on the rubberized corridor floor. "Ellie, we have to go. Soon."

"You go to chambers without me. Tell Scott, Jacobs, and Hanna to suit up. They'll be going with us."

"Yes, ma'am." Nara's gaze lingered a moment on Darrew. "Don't be long. This is the first time in a score of Earth years that they've been seen."

Nara let her mind drift back to the terror that waited on her. Xenopsychology would be of no use if they struck first.

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